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Specialists in costs, pricing models, budgeting, management control, operating finances and managerial information In Alliances, the RABYA part informs the members of that Firm Nicolás Ramírez Leader of the Specialized Cost Team (cost consulting division) . Ricardo A. Billene Team Leader Specialized in Costs (technical direction and training courses).

TMC International

(Sao Paulo - Brasil)

TMC Assessoria Contábil, founded in 1990, located in the city of São Paulo - Capital, with extensive experience in the field of accounting working with companies in the industry, commerce and services sector, among others. We always focus our work on the implementation of administrative and accounting management in companies, through the correct application of the legislation and its benefits. We have a group of qualified employees and the support of industry partners, who always follow the dynamics and versatility of our clients, in order to prioritize the assistance of doubts, requests and continuous guidance to companies.